Best Mens Coast Style

Best Mens Coast Style

Winter is, on most checks, junk. Be that as it may, everything waste about it – the frosty, the dim, the wet – presents one major reward: you get the opportunity to wear enormous coats once more. The correct coat is an outfit in itself, a piece that consolidates reasonableness and style like nothing else in your closet. They’re likewise genuinely impenetrable to patterns. Which implies even an occasional customer can stealthily fabricate a great accumulation over a couple of years. In the event that, that is, you purchase right.

“Search for something that is great quality, polished and flexible,” says Nick Eley, head of outline at ASOS. “You need something that will last and in addition look great. Since you will wear it a great deal, you require it to work with alternate garments in your closet.”

Style is, obviously, a thought. Be that as it may, not to the detriment of solace. No man at any point looked great shuddering. “The most imperative thing to search for in a winter coat is something that will keep you warm and dry,” says Freddie Kemp, beautician at Thread. “In a perfect world you’d have a gathering of the considerable number of styles here, as every serve an alternate down to earth and style reason.”

The Trench Coat

The trench’s origins are as murky as the weather it’s designed for. Initially claimed by Aquascutum in the 1850s, Burberry reinvented the style in 1901 as the army officer’s raincoat and its legend was forged in Belgium’s trenches. But it’s made its mark on civvy street too. From Dick Tracy’s canary yellow to Morgan Freeman’s outerwear as Detective Lt. William Somerset in Se7en, the trench coat is the tell-tale uniform of the private eye.

Perhaps because the trench is so easy to style. “It’s the most versatile of all outerwear options, as it can be dressed up or down seamlessly,” says Kemp. “Make sure it fits well at the shoulders and flows nicely with your build. Look for a lightweight, water-repellent material, and the length should finish at mid-thigh. You can easily wear it over your suit, or dress it down with a check shirt, black jeans and minimal white trainers.”

So long as you nail the fit. “It’s very easy to look like you’re wearing your granddad’s trench,” says David Gandy’s stylist, Joe Ottaway. “Consider how and when you will be wearing the trench: if you plan to wear it over your suit to work, take your suit jacket with you when shopping. As a rule of thumb, the trench coat shoulder line should extend half-to-one inch past your natural shoulder line, to accommodate a blazer jacket, and the sleeves should be a couple of inches longer than a suit jacket.”

Men's Trench Coat Outfit Inspiration Lookbook Autumn/Winter 2016

The Shearling

Like the trench, the shearling coat also served its time in the forces. But as befits such a luxe and delicate material, it was far removed from the mud, worn by pilots to keep them warm in uncovered cockpits.

This season’s update is less flyboy, according to Damien Paul, head of menswear at “Valentino has lined a denim and felt coat, whilst Saint Laurent have lined a checked jacket.”

All of which makes it more versatile. “Shearling marries very well with several fabrics,” says Ben Andrew, menswear buyer at Liberty. “Leather is the obvious one, but denim and wool combinations are also great options at a more accessible price point.” Just make sure the rest of your outfit is toned down, to let the jacket do the talking.

Not least because, at the price you’ll pay for real shearling, you’ll want it to put in a shift. “It is an investment,” says Ottaway. “As with any good leather, it will age better with time, to the point where it can become a family heirloom. Bite the bullet and invest what you can. The market is flooded with pleather options, which – for me – don’t cut the mustard.

“Channel your inner Memphis Bell pilot and choose a dark tan or brown with a classic, shearling detailed collar. Pair the jacket with crew neck tee and corduroys for off-duty, effortless style.”

Men's Shearling Jackets and Coats Outfit Inspiration Lookbook for Autumn/Winter 2016

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