Logo Moncler, Fake OR Real?

Anytime you buy a Moncler jacket, no matter who from, always check the authenticity number at Moncler’s website. I won’t dwell on the issue of Lampo zippers, Fiocchi Italy snaps, authenticity tags or other related features because most fakes have them all and a jacket containing all of the necessary features is not necessarily authentic because anything can be counterfeited.  Also, as of around 2010, Moncler began using snaps that simply have the Moncler name embossed on them.  When it comes to zippers, they have on occasion used VISLON zippers and as of 2013 many women’s jackets have Riri zippers.  Most all men’s jackets will still have Lampo zippers. Moncler never uses generic zippers with no brand name or containing just a random number.


First of all, see where the Moncler embroidery is located. As a rule of thumb, the Moncler embroidery is normally on the left sleeve of the jacket, when there is a sleeve pocket, it is on the pocket. Vests or jackets with removable sleeves have the embroidery on the front left. The Moncer embroidery has a lot of texture on it. If an embroidery looks “flat” or like it’s printed on – beware! All of the embroidered logo patches are identical from one Moncler to the next. Fakes all look different.  Read more :  Moncler Kids


Below you can find an example how to distinguish the fake from the real one. The fabric of the fake on the right looks kind of “grainy”, where the real one on the left looks much smoother.

Only buy Moncler at a trusted store, if you think the price is too good to be true then it is too good to be true. There’s no such thing as Moncler outlet store, don’t fall for it. Some department stores or websites (such as Ssense) will put Moncler on sale around late December to mid January, so if you can wait, just wait for them to be 40-50% off.

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