Moncler Ends Gamme Bleu, Rouge Collection

Moncler will hold a show consolidating men’s and ladies’ wear on the night of February 20 in Milan, commencing Women’s Fashion Week, booked to run Feb. 21-27. The night occasion will uncover what the organization named the Moncler Genius Building, “a material and emblematic center point illustrative of the new course of the brand,” to connect specifically to the general population in a novel and innovative way. Additionally points of interest were not accessible at squeeze time. The occasion is sorted out as a team with Italy’s design affiliation Camera Nazionale della Moda.

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“Every company must innovate and it’s a choice shared 100 percent with the designers,” Ruffini told WWD in November.  “I need to create a new project that will bring new energy to Moncler. It was a very difficult decision, stemming from the need to evolve, to create a solution that would naturally create a new and alternative project to one that was launched 10 years ago and was feeling somewhat dated.”

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The last Gamme Bleu collection showed in Milan in June, while the last Gamme Rouge collection showed in Paris in October. Ruffini underscored that “it’s not that we don’t want to participate to the world of fashion, but we are obliged to give new energy to Moncler,” and said he had a project in mind that he thought would be “very innovative for the sector and will bring new emotions.”

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