Moncler Jacket That’s Designed For Your Dog

Hasil gambar untuk Moncler Puffer Jackets for DogsFrom grooming spas to doggy holidays, pampering your pooch with luxurious products has been a growing trend in recent years. And now, you can dress your beloved pet just like you – with a new £280 ($450) Moncler jacket designed especially for your dog. And while it might seem to have only very niche appeal, the limited edition padded jacket by the Italian brand has been flying off virtual shelves – so much so that it’s currently sold out online.

The luxurious range of doggy coats, which have been dubbed the Mondog, are a scaled-down version of the brand’s trademark puffer jackets – and button up at the front. The brand says that the couture jackets, which come in a range of colours, allow dogs to follow their owners to the ‘harshest climates’, keeping them warm and protected without limiting their movement.

Shoppers took to social media to react to the new doggy collection, with many fawning over the ‘cute’ jackets.  One wrote ‘[T]he moncler dog jackets are actual[ly[ the cutest things ever’  while another joked ‘Does the dog come with it?’

Look, your dog is your best friend, and he/she deserves the best. The best food, the best spot to sleep and rest, and of course, the best toys to play with. Well, now your dog can have the best style on the block as we get a look at Moncler’s Puffer Jackets for Dogs. The new collection comes for the Fall/Winter 2017 season and is dubbed “Mondog.”

The collection features a puffer jacket made especially for small and medium-sized pups. The design comes in black, dark blue, dark green, red and orange colorways, constructed from nylon laqué construction. In a statement Moncler said it aims to “allow our four-legged friends to follow us on the snow or to the harshest climates, staying warm and protected without limiting their movement in any way.” Have a look at the designs below and hook your dog up; he/she deserves it!

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